A handful of tools to guide your
digital transformation.

When you run a business, you run a lot of things simultaneously. With stakeholders, status updates,
and ongoing tasks taking up mental space, it's only too easy to lose sight of your priorities.
Take control—unify your data, processes, and people.

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Deal Status at a Glance

To successfully improve sales, you need a process to manage and structure deals and that starts with your pipeline. A pipeline gives a visual snapshot of what stages your deals are in, it aids prioritising and organising your deals.

  • Create your stages specific to your industry
  • Drag and drop deals through the stages
  • Add new deals with ease
  • View statistics of your pipeline

Activities Traka

  • Plan your time with customers efficiently
  • SalesTraka activities can be synched with Outlook/Gmail calendars
  • Book in account review meetings ways in advanced
  • Email alerts so you don’t miss a meeting.


  • Upload your client data in SalesTraka
  • Add/delete contacts with ease
  • Manage customer data and products
  • Export data

Account management

  • Snap shot of your customers history
  • Upload any documents linked to the account
  • Assign any sales person to accounts


  • Upload companies’ products/services catalogue
  • Assign products to customers
  • Analyse product ranges


  • View Sales Peoples activities
  • Compare Revenue figures
  • Monitor Sales Peoples KPI’s


  • Set permissions as admin
  • Customize fields
  • Create Goals/Targets
  • Edit notifications

Deals Stages

  • 1
    Lead In
  • 2
    Contacts Made
  • 3
    Meeting Arranged
  • 4
    Proposal Made
  • 5
    Negotiation Started